The man behind the revolution

The man behind the revolution

Dr. Kurien’s ‘billion-litre-idea’ gave birth to the world’s largest agricultural dairy development program – Operation Flood – that made dairy farming India’s largest self-sustaining industry. Fondly known as the Milkman Of India, Dr. Kurien is the man responsible for India’s flourishing dairy industry.

It is in his honour that the date of his birth anniversary, 26th November, is recognized and celebrated as the National Milk Day in India.

The Route


A journey that began in Kozhikode, changed the face of the Indian dairy Industry upon touching Anand. Join us as we find inspiration on the same routes.

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Inspired by Dr. Kurien’s vision, bikers set out on an epic journey, from Kozhikode to Anand, to learn more about the man behind India’s Milk Revolution.

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