National Milk Day 2017


National Milk Day Rally

A group of bikers set out on an epic journey, across cities and states, to uncover the life story of the Milkman of India.

Flag-off Ceremony

We flagged off our much awaited journey of #IntroducingDrKurien today at Milma Dairy, Kozhikode. The event was graced with the presence of Shri P T Gopal Kurup (Chairman, MILMA) and Shri K M Jhala (Chief Operating Officer, AMUL).

Episode 01

We are proud to present to you episode 1 of the epic journey that is, #IntroducingDrKurien. Follow our ride for a never before seen side of the Milk Man of India – Dr. Verghese Kurien. #NationalMilkDay

Episode 02

The bikers touch down in Mangalore and are eager to find the people or places that Dr. Kurien left his mark on. Check out for yourself, what they find in episode 2 of the #IntroducingDrKurien journey.

Episode 03

On their journey, retracing the legacy of Dr. Kurien, the bikers find someone quite similar to him. Find out how a brief chat with Mr. Girish, a modest dairy business owner, leaves the bikers humbled and makes them pause for a moment of quite introspection.

Episode 04

In the 4th episode of #IntroducingDrKurien we see our group of bikers making their way through Maharashtra in their quest to know all about the man behind the white revolution. #NationalMilkDay

Episode 05

After completing the final pitstop in Maharashtra the excited bikers head towards Gujarat. However, before they get there they meet with a an obstacle on their way! Did this obstacle keep them from reaching Anand for NationalMilkDay? Watch the 5th episode of #IntroducingDrKurien to find out!

Episode 06

As we ride into Anand, Dr. Kurien’s home soil, we stop at many of the places where his impact is still visible; we meet with people inspired by this great man. It is an honour indeed to walk in the footsteps of a man who was larger than life.

20th Nov

Kozhikode - Mangalore

234 KMs

We begin the journey from Kozhikode and move towards Mangalore.

21st Nov

Mangalore - Goa

355 KMs

From Mangalore, we make our way to the second pit stop - Goa.

22nd Nov

Goa - Kolhapur

215 KMs

Time to leave the beaches of Goa and head to Kolhapur.

23rd Nov

Kolhapur - Pune

234 KMs

Today we make our way from Kolhapur to Pune and are now a lot closer to our destination.

24th Nov

Pune - Virar

204 KMs

Getting closer to our destination, we now head towards Virar.

25th Nov

Virar - Vadodara

370 KMs

Today we ride from Virar to Vadodara in Gujarat – Our final pit stop before our destination.

26th Nov

Vadodara - Anand

35 KMs

Culminating our journey we now ride towards the milk capital of India.


Inspired by Dr. Kurien’s vision, bikers set out on an epic journey, from Kozhikode to Anand, to learn more about the man behind India’s Milk Revolution.