National Milk Day 2018


Celebrating Dr. Kurien’s Journey V 2.0

We’re all revved up to come together for the 2nd edition of the National Milk Day bike rally to pay tribute to Dr. Verghese Kurien, the milkman of India. Get ready to cover over 2500+ KMs, from Jammu to Gujarat to meet the farmers whose lives have been impacted by him.

North India Route Day 1: Flag off from Jammu

Here’s how day 1 of the National Milk Day rally looked, where our riders set off on a journey of a lifetime from Satwari, Jammu. They travelled across North India to the Amul Milk Plant in Batala to honour the life of the revolutionary Dr. Verghese Kurien and meet all the farmers on the way, whose lives he has helped transform.

North India Route Day 2: Amritsar to Ludhiana

Day 2 commenced from the astounding Golden Temple, through the lush fields of Punjab, to reach the Rangarh Village Dairy Cooperative Society where they discovered the impact of Dr. Kurien’s work on India’s Dairy Sector. They then continued on to Wagah Border showing their support to our armed forces and were greeted with a most vivacious bhangra performance in Ludhiana. With all the excitement of the day behind them, the riders reached Chandigarh last night and will travel across Ambala and Rohtak today.

North India Route Day 3: Chandigarh to Rohtak

Another day, another successful and enriching experience! On day 3, our riders visited the dairy plants of brands like Verka and Vita, followed by a visit to National Dairy Research Institute in Karnal and the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. Our riders will now gear up to take on Delhi next.

North India Route Day 4: Delhi and Faridabad

Our bikers made their way to the Mother Dairy plant in Delhi followed by a quick halt at India Gate. They even visited the Amul Banas Dairy, Faridabad where they were addressed by the IDA President. Their next destination is Manesar from where they will move onwards to the royal state of Rajasthan. The sixteen bikers have a clear objective to their travels across North India and Gujarat, which is to celebrate Dr Verghese Kurien’s birthday.

North India Route Day 5: Haryana to Jaipur

Day 5 of the bike rally started with our bikers reaching Amul Mehsana Dairy at Manesar, Haryana, where they were greeted with a warm welcome. They then proceeded to Jaipur to end the day with a vibrant cultural programme. Next, their journey will take them to Ajmer and Udaipur, where they will discover the exciting activities in store for them.

North India Route Day 6: Jaipur to Ajmer

In the royal state of Rajasthan, our National Milk Day rally riders travelled from Jaipur to Ajmer. Their visit took them to Saras Dairy in Jaipur to witness the contributions of the great Milkman of India. Next stop on this enriching journey, Udaipur, the city of lakes!

North India Route Day 7: Ajmer to Udaipur

In #Rajasthan the National Milk Day rally travelled from Ajmer to Udaipur. At Udaipur they visited the Saras Dairy plant where they watched a cute puppet show besides other dance and music events. They enter Gujarat next

North India Route Day 8: Udaipur to Gujarat

The rally that started from Jammu on 17th Nov has finally entered Gujarat through Himmatnagar. From Udaipur, they travelled to Sabar Dairy in Himmatnagar and also to Panchmahal Dairy in Godhra.

North India Route Day 9: Himmatnagar to Ahmedabad

Day 9 was an ambitious #journey for our bikers. They #travelled from Himmatnagar to Palanpur at Banas Dairy then to Mehsana, then stopped at Madhur Dairy at Gandhinagar to then reach Amul Fed Dairy (AFD).

Gujarat Route Day 1: Bhuj to Rajkot

Another group of eighteen riders assembled in Bhuj from where they embarked upon the second leg of the National Milk Day bike rally. From there, they made their way to the Rann of Kutch and through Rajkot all in a day’s journey. Don’t lose track of their progress and keep coming back for updates!

Gujarat Route Day 2: Rajkot to Junagadh

The #Gujarat leg of the National Milk Day rally travelled from Rajkot early in the morning to visit some Village Cooperative Dairy Societies, meet with the locals and some channel partners. They then visited Savaj Dairy, Junagadh. Next they travel onwards in the heartland of Gujarat to Amreli and then Bhavnagar.

Gujarat Route Day 3: Junagadh to Bhavnagar

Our bikers on the Gujrat route of the National Milk Day bike rally visited many Village Co-operative Dairy Societies, on the way from Junagadh to Bhavnagar. They will now make their way to Surendranagr before reaching Ahmedabad to join the riders from the North India route of the rally.

Gujarat Route Day 4: Bhavnagar to Ahmedabad

Our bikers are travellers in the truest sense-- they started from Bhavnagar and came all the way to Ahmedabad to meet the Jammu leg riders who have been travelling for almost 400kms!

Rally Grand Finale at Anand

The two bike gangs met in the middle in Ahmedabad to complete the final leg of the race to Anand. Here, they celebrated Dr. Kurien's 97th Birth Anniversary with much fanfare and enthusiasm, bringing this incredible rally to the perfect close.

Bike Rally 2018: Kutch to Anand

Re-live the magical, thrilling experience of our beloved bikers day-to-day in this compilation video, as they celebrate Dr. Kurien's 97th Birth Anniversary in style.

17th Nov

Jammu - Amritsar

204 KMs

We begin the journey from Jammu, move towards Batala and then head south to the city of the Golden temple, Amritsar.

18th Nov

Amritsar - Chandigarh

266 KMs

After saluting our soldiers at Wagah border and travelling through Ludhiana, we move south to Chandigarh

19th Nov

Chandigarh - Delhi

323 KMs

We visit Verka plant in Mohali, then move to Vita's plant in Ambala. The afternoon will be spent at NDRI Karnal and then further on to Amul Sabar Dairy plant at Rohtak

20th Nov

Delhi - Faridabad

100 KMs

We leave for Mother Dairy plant at Delhi and then move on to Amul Banas Dairy plant at Faridabad

21st Nov

Faridabad - Jaipur

270 KMs

From Faridabad, we visit Amul Mehsana Plant at Manesar and then we travel further south to Jaipur

22nd Nov

Jaipur - Ajmer

135 KMs

We visit the Rajasthan Co-operative Dairy plant in Jaipur and then travel further to Ajmer

23rd Nov

Ajmer - Udaipur

263 KMs

We travel to Udaipur to visit the RCDF plant for a cute Puppet show

24th Nov

Udaipur - Himatnagar

181 KMs

We say our goodbyes to the beautiful city of Udaipur and move south to the Amul Sabar Dairy in Himmatnagar

25th Nov

Himatnagar - Amul Fed Dairy

268 KMs

Before visiting Amul Fed Dairy, we visit Amul Banas Dairy in Palanpur and Amul Mehsana Dairy in Mehsana, post which we will spend the night in Ahemdabad.

26th Nov

Amul Fed Dairy - Anand

90 KMs

Culminating our journey, we now ride towards the milk capital of India, Anand.


Inspired by Dr. Kurien’s impactful contribution to all the Indians, bikers set out on an epic journey, starting from either Jammu in the north or Bhuj in Gujarat, where all roads will lead to Anand to celebrate the man behind India’s Milk Revolution.