20th Nov

Kozhikode - Mangalore

234 KMs

We begin the journey from Kozhikode and move towards Mangalore.

21st Nov

Mangalore - Goa

355 kms

From Mangalore, we make our way to the second pit stop - Goa

22nd Nov

Goa - Kolhapur

215 kms

Time to leave the beaches of Goa and head to Kolhapur.

23rd Nov

Kolhapur - Pune

234 kms

Today we make our way from Kolhapur to Pune and are now a lot closer to our destination.

24th Nov

Pune - Virar

204 kms

Getting closer to our destination, we now head towards Virar.

25th Nov

Virar - Vadodara

370 kms

Today we ride from Virar to Vadodara in Gujarat – Our final pit stop before our destination.

26th Nov

Vadodara - Anand

35 kms

Culminating our journey we now ride towards the milk capital of India.