15th Nov

Varanasi - Prayagraj

122 KMs

We kickstart the journey and ride towards Prayagraj, known for the Kumbh Mela and Triveni Sangam.

16th Nov

Prayagraj - Lucknow

204 KMs

The riders visit the Parag Plant (part of Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation) before departing for Lucknow.

17th Nov

Lucknow - Kanpur

93 KMs

In the city of Nawabs, we visit the Banas Dairy Plant and the Green Park Stadium before riding off towards Kanpur.

18th Nov

Kanpur - Agra

293 KMs

From the Motijheel Park, the group proceeds to the Village Dairy Cooperative Society and will inaugurate an Amul Parlour in Agra.

19th Nov

Agra - Gwalior

120 KMs

We visit the Taj Mahal and pay tribute to Dr. Kurien at the Agra branch of Amul. Continuing the trip, we ride towards the Amul Milk Plant at Dholpur.

20th Nov

Gwalior - Guna

223 KMs

At Gwalior, we take a night’s rest only to wake up in the heart of India. Here we witness the grandeur of Gwalior Fort and Jay Vilas Palace, with an overnight stay in Guna.

21st Nov

Guna - Bhopal

181 KMs

Later the same evening, the riders reach Guna and rest to prepare for a Bhopali adventure the next day.

22nd Nov



We plan to visit the Saanchi Stupa and the Saanchi Milk Plant (Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Dairy Federation Limited) and take a short boat ride in Bhopal Lake.

23rd Nov

Bhopal - Indore

193 KMs

We set out for Ujjain to visit the Ujjain Milk Packaging Unit of Panchmahal District Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd, Godhra. Next, we head to Indore.

24th Nov

Indore - Godhra

260 KMs

In Godhra, we enjoy dance and music organised by the Panchmahal District Co.Operative Milk Producers Union Ltd, before proceeding towards Kevadia.

25th Nov

Godhra - Statue of Unity

163 KMs

The riders arrive at the Statue of Unity to take in its magnificence and embark towards their end destination, Anand.

26th Nov

Statue of Unity - Anand

130 KMs

In Anand, riders celebrate National Milk Day by attending the Dr. Kurien Memorial Lecture by Dr. P S GOEL (CHAIRMAN NATIONAL INNOVATION FOUNDATION – INDIA) at NDDB Hall, followed by a felicitation ceremony for completing this grand journey.